You are a Citroën-lover and probably also a proud owner of a Citroën DS, ID, D, SM or CX.  Let's introduce ourself: we are the only DS/SM club in Belgium recognised and supported by the Citroën Belux in Brussels. Our club is trilingual, was founded in 1985 and has more than 200 members.

The purpose of our club are:

  • Keep running the Citroëns DS, ID, SM models?
  • Join the owners by organising all kinds of activities.
  • Give practical informations and technical support to our members.
  • organising excusions in our country.

Our clubpaper "Citroglycérine" is edited 4 times a year (15/2 - 15/5 - 15/8 - 15/11). It enclosed all what a real Citroënlover desire: reports of our activities and certain special cars, technical articles, our club activitie calendar, advertisements about the DS, SM sell or exchange of spare parts, etc. Every member has the possibilty to write an article, conform with the purposes of our Club. The board committee is not responsable for the articles written by our members. Little advertisements

what's going on?

Latest news

Chapron WE 2015 in Belgium !

-Retromobile Paris

 Skeleton from lake-Bugatti 22 sold for 260.000 € (You Tube

 1971 Citroën DS21 Décapotable Sold for €189,000



News - Nieuws - Nouvelles

New Hélenca tissue has been made by Jörg Daniel Schmickl of the DS Club Austria. More information here.

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